Michael Rothenstein: RIP

Michael Rothenstein (1908 - 1993)

RIP, 1967

 Linocut, woodcut and silkscreen print on paper; 74 x 61 cm

This interesting early print by Rothenstein shows the interior of a tree being cut by the blades of a rotating saw. It is number 30 about of a small limited edition of only 35.

An impression of this print is in the Tate Gallery, London.

In good condition., signed and numbered below in pencil by the artist


Dennis Morgan Etching: Lazy Bones

Dennis Morgan (1896 - 1960)

Scottish Terriers (Scottie Dogs):  "Lazy Bones"

Etching and drypoint on paper

Inscribed with the title and signed in pencil


Two Terriers: Etching

Scottish Terrier and a Westie.

Etching and drypoint on paper

Signed in pencil lower right


William Greenlees Watercolour: Stirling Castle

William Greenlees (fl. 19th century)

“Tourists Visiting Stirling Castle”

Etching and Drypoint on paper

Signed W. Greenlees and dated May 3 1842

William Greenlees made illustrations for early travel guides. The pair of slightly naive watercolours on  are probably studies for engravings for early tourist guides.

SOLD (to the Stirling Smith Art Gallery)

William Greenlees Watercolour: Stirling Castle

William Greenlees (fl. 19th century)

“Tourists Visiting the Field of Bannockburn with Stirling Castle in the Background”

Signed W. Greenlees and dated 10 May 1842

SOLD (to the Stirling Smith Art Gallery)

Agnes Richardson Watercolour: Thinking of You

Agnes Richardson 1885 - 1951

“Thinking of You”

Rare Original Signed Watercolour / Collage

Agnes Richardson was born in Wimbledon and studied at the Lambeth School of Art. She was a painter, childrens's book illustrator, annuals, designer of greetings cards. Books illustrated include 'Alice in Wonderland' 1920, 'Golden Locks and Pretty Frocks' 1914. She is best known for her postcard designs of little curly-haired, chubby faced children.


Alfons Bytautas: Etching and Aquatint

Alfons Bytautas (ARSA)

"Orkney Fish Lures the Sea"

Etching and aquatint (framed):

The artist was until recently the head of the Edinburgh Printmakers and is well known in Scotland as a master collaborative printer. Examples of his work are in the collection of HM the Queen, Leeds City Art Gallery, the Scottish Arts Council, the National Library of Scotland, amongst others...



Sir Muirhead Bone Drypoint. The Fish Market, Venice

Sir Muirhead Bone (1876 - 1953)

The Fish Market, Venice

Etching and drypoint on paper

A lovely impression, signed in pencil lower right


Alan Reiach (1910 - 1992)


Watercolour on paper

 Signed and dated 1954

Apart from being a fine watercolourist, Alan Reiach was a leading Scottish architect and urban planner. He initially trained in the office of Sir Robert Lorimer. His best known architectural designs are Edinburgh University's Appleton Tower in George Square (1963), and the New Club, Princes Street (1964).


Anne Redpath Lithograph

Anne Redpath (1895-1965)

Kyleakin, Skye

Lithograph on paper  (in original Aitken & Dott frame) (58 / 75)

Signed lower right, and with blind stamp

27 x 44.5 cm

Redpath was born in Galashiels and studied at Edinburgh College of Art. In 1920 she married and moved to France, devoting much of the next fourteen years to her family and doing little painting.

In the mid-1930s she returned to Scotland, settling in Hawick in the Borders. Redpath admired the French Post-Impressionist artists, such as Van Gogh and Gauguin, and also Matisse.  Her work from the late 1950s responds to Abstract Expressionism in the free and expressive handling of paint.

This lithograph was developed from sketches Redpath made during a family holiday to the Isle of Skye in 1946.  It shoes a huddle of houses depicted in a bleak Scottish landscape. The scene is somewhat distorted with the picture plane titled forward. Kyleakin is a fishing village that was only accessible by ferry until the Skye bridge was built in 1995.


Anne Redpath Lithograph Clodagh Sparrow Painting

Clodagh Sparrow

Welsh View, Snowdonia

Gouache on paper (framed)

Signed lower right

This is a very rare  original gouache painting by Clodagh Sparrow - who did a number of poster designs in the 1930s for the London Midland & Scottish Railway, and also for London Transport.  Her designs for travel poster as iconic images of the days of  luxury travel by rail in the UK.

This is a very rare large gouache study by Sparrow - and it has been signed by her lower right.  I think that this picture must have been made in connection with the design for a transport poster, but never published. The composition is painted with gouache or heavy poster paints and shows a distant view of Mount Snowdon.


Clodagh Sparrow Painting Albany Howarth Traghetto Etching

Albany  E. Howarth  (1872 - 1936)

The Traghetto, Venice

Etching and drypoint on paper

Signed and titled by the artist in pencil, below

(Image: 18 x 19 cm)

A Traghetto is Italian for "ferry" so this title probably refers to the water taxi or gondola seen in the image.

Like Whistler and McBey - Howarth succeeds in capturing the moody atmosphere of Venetian canals and captures the contrast and effects of dark shadows and reflections on the waters.

This beautiful and very atmospheric print is from an edition of 110 impressions and dates to around 1930. It is in very nice condition.


Albany Howarth Traghetto Etching Indian Miniature Painting on Ivory

Beautiful Indian Miniature on Ivory

Gouache on Ivory (framed ; with glazed panels to back of ivory panels on the reverse)

This is a very decorative old Indian miniature which is painted on a thin sheet of ivory. The image shows a barge sailing down a wide river. An Indian Prince sits under a Canopy at the Bow - which is adorned with  an elephant’s head figurehead. He rests on large cushions and watches a scantily clad lady dancing  - two girls sit in the back of the barge and play drums and a sitar.  There is a stunning exotic landscape in the background.  The little painting is unsigned, but probably dates to the late 19th Century.


Indian Miniature Painting on Ivory Indian Miniature Painting on Ivory

Beautiful Indian Miniature on Ivory

Gouache on Ivory (framed ; with glazed panels to back of ivory panels on the reverse)

This is the second of two beautiful Indian Miniatures that we have in stock. This one is set in an interior - we see another Indian Prince seated on a large divan - he tries to embrace a scantily clad lady - who turns her head from him. Another lady enters the scene from the right and she is carrying a little tray containing sweetmeats. Through a window opening to the right there is an exquisitely painted moonlit landscape. In the foreground is a white marble tiled floor and in front a little dark pool with two swimming white birds.  The little painting is unsigned, but probably dates to the late 19th Century.


Indian Miniature Painting on Ivory

William Daniell (1769 - 1837)

Loch Coruisk near Loch Scavaig in Skye c 1819

Engraving and Aquatint on paper (hand coloured with watercolour)

With title below the image and inscribed: Published by Longman & Co, Paternoster Row & W Daniell 9 Cleveland St, Fitzroy Square, London, Aug 1st 1819.

This is one of Daniell’s finest and most dramatic prints from his volume: “Voyage Around Great Britain”.


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Three Comical Hand-Coloured Etchings by Boris O’Klein (1893-1985) - from his celebrated series of prints entitled The Dirty Dogs of Paris.

Arthur Boris O'Klein was born in Moscow in 1893, and was a French artist and cartoonist. His family emigrated to the Alsace when he was a boy. After serving on behalf of the French in World War I, he moved to Paris. He is best known for his prints and watercolours of dogs getting up to mischief. These prints are generally called "The Naughty Dogs" or "The Dirty Dogs" or "The Dirty Dogs of Paris”, and were extremely popular with tourists visiting the French capital in the 1940s and 50s.

Iconic Design currently have three of these quirky prints in stock - all in lovely condition, and framed - each one is titled in pencil bottom left, and with O’Klein’s characteristic, scrawled signature, bottom right.  All colours remain nice and vibrant - great gift for a dog-lover!

Check out that naughty Scottie Dog... Hope that our Basil hasn’t seen what he gets up too!

ALL SOLD - MANY THANKS, Camilla!Robert Thornton: Boris O'Klein Dirty Dogs of Paris


Fine Art for Sale; Edinburgh

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